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Northwind - Champagne Glass

Northwind - Champagne Glass

SKU: 15105

The Northwind - Champagne Glass is made of an unbreakable plastic that resembles glass. With is ability to withstand drinks of high alcohol content without turning opague, this Champagne Glass is truly suited for any occasion.


  • Set 6 units
  • Diameter: 2.5cm
  • Height: 22cm
  • Volume: 170ml
  • Composition and Instructions

    • 60% Acrylic + 40% Polystyrene (MS)
    • This product is designed for use in normal conditions. Not suitable for liquors and for warm beverages
  • Maintenance and Cleaning

    • To extend the life of the article, it is recommended to avoid using abrasive cleaners
    • We recommend washing immediately after use
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