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Northwind - Rectangular Tray

Northwind - Rectangular Tray

SKU: 15012

With a touch of elegance, the Northwind - Rectangular Tray offers easy handling of meals and drinks, with two holes located on its sides as well as non-slip sides.


  • Set 1 pc
  • Measurements: 30cm x 40cm
  • Composition and Instructions

    • 100% Melamine (M)
    • This product is designed for table use, not adapt for cooking or direct fire
  • Maintenance and Cleaning

    • To extend the life of the article, it is recommended to avoid using abrasive cleaners
    • To prevent stains, we recommend washing immediately after use
    • Any irregularities in the design and the differences between them are part of the production process and should not be considered as a defect
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