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Party - Drink carrier collapsible tray

Party - Drink carrier collapsible tray

SKU: 16200

The Party - Drink carrier is unqiue for its collapsible feature. When not in use, the Drink carrier can be collapsed to take up minimum space for storage.


This Drink carrier also has a non-slip rubber stopper on its base, preventing the tray from slipping. 


Simple yet user-friendly, the Party - Drink carrier is perfect for any events. 


  • 1 pc of Drink carrier collapsible tray (Measurement: 32.8cm x 20.2cm x 9cm)
  • Composition and Instructions

    • 100% Acrylic (A)
    • This product is designed for use in normal conditions
    • Not suitable for liquors and for ware beverages
  • Maintenance and Cleaning

    • To extend the life of the article, it is recommended to avoid using abrasive cleaners
    • We recommend washing immediately after use
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