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Sea Lovers - Canister Set

Sea Lovers - Canister Set

SKU: 65026

Made of a virtually unbreakable material, the Sea Lovers - Canister Set comes in 4 clear kitchen jars of two different sizes. The jars are completed with covers that has a hermetic seal, which perfectly preserves food. 


  • Set 4 pcs (consisting of 4 kitchen jars of two different sizes)
  • Measurement: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm 

                         :  10cm x 10cm x 15cm


  • Composition and Instructions

    • 60% Acrylic + 40% Polystyrene (MS)
    • Not suitable for liquors and for warm beverages
    • Not suitable for microwave
  • Maintenance and Cleaning

    • This product is dishwasher-resistant (top rack only)
    • Advisable to wash it by hand, gently and with a neutral soap in order to maintain the transparency.
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